Corey Haines

Are you feeling Stuck with Marketing & Growth?

I help SaaS companies identify bottlenecks, unlock new opportunities, and build a sustainable growth engine.

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Does this sound like you?

Sometimes, you get to a point where you just can’t see a path forward to reach your next revenue milestone. You don’t have the time, you’re overwhelmed, or you’re just not sure what to do.

Here are the usual symptoms when it's time to bring in some outside help:

❌  Can’t get out of your own head
❌  Not sure who your ideal customer is anymore
❌  New features just aren’t moving the needle
❌  Trialing users aren’t converting into customers
❌  Customers complain about pricing
❌  Prospective customers aren’t 100% sure what you do or who you’re for
❌  You’ve tried different channels but nothing seems to take off

What if you had someone who could give you the guidance, accountability, and perspective to help you get to where you want to go?

I can save you months of work, years of lessons learned the hard way, and thousands of dollars in wasted marketing dollars.

I’ve seen it all working with hundreds of SaaS companies. Early-stage, fast-growing, plateaued… developer founders, sales founders, serial entrepreneurs… I've been fortunate to get an inside look into almost every scenario you can imagine.

Let's fast-forward you to the good parts of SaaS — where you’ve established a defensible growth engine, you’ve implemented all the right practices, and you’re confident in hitting your goals.

The most effective ways i can add value to your business

Growth Mentoring

per month
Two 30 minute coaching calls per month
Goal setting and accountability
Project scoping and strategic planning
Review metrics and analytics
Unlimited Q&A over email or Slack
❌ No Availability Currently

Audit + Roadmap

Full funnel & metrics review
Customer journey mapping
5 customer interviews
Competitor analysis
❌ No Availability Currently

Have something else in mind?

I'd be happy to chat about a more custom-tailored, fixed-scope project for you. Landing page copywriting, launching an affiliate program, SEO strategy — Just let me know what you have in mind over email (, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

What Do I Know About Marketing & Growth?

Who is this best for?

There are a few types of people that I can add the most value to: (1) Founders who aren't "marketers", (2) startup marketing leaders, and (3) solo founders.

Founders who aren't "marketers" find the most value in having someone in their corner who's been there and done that. Startup marketing leaders usually need a second pair of eyes and objective perspective to review ideas. And solo founders need accountability to get work done and focus on high leverage activities.

If you're one of these types of people, I'd love to connect.

Take Advantage of A free strategy session!

First and foremost: I'm here to help you with your business and give you valuable advice regardless of whether or not we end up working together.

Second: We'll mutually discover if we're a good fit to collaborate at this time.

✅  100% free - no strings attached
✅  Review your current situation
✅  Determine best next steps
✅  Free advice & guidance

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