Corey Haines
June 12, 2024

Use it or lose it

Use it or lose it applies to everything in life.

Stretch and practice mobility, or you’ll end up stiff and hunched over.

Lift weights, or your muscles will atrophy and get weak.

Practice scales and riffs, or you’ll fumble around the fretboard on guitar.

Push yourself to read and put your intellect to the test, or you’ll become dull and slow.

Make jokes and find irony in situations, or you’ll become boring.

Speak another language with someone, or your vocabulary will shrink.

Be intentional and open in your relationships, or you’ll drift apart.

Make new meals and incorporate new ingredients, or your cooking will become stale.

Grapple and strike, or you’ll be vulnerable to attack.

Write, or you’ll have trouble communicating your thoughts.

Sing loudly and often, or your voice will crack trying to hit the high note.

Pray daily, or you'll feel far from God.

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