Corey Haines
September 1, 2018

SaaS Marketing Tools

Here’s a curated list of my favorite technology, tools, and services for SaaS marketing.



Carrd is the least expensive coming in at $19/year for the paid version. It’s definitely the fastest way to get something up and in market. Easy, intuitive, plenty of integrations, and well-designed.


Webflow starts at $12/month in their paid plans. Webflow is the perfect blend between the ease of use of Squarespace and the flexibility of a custom-coded Wordpress site. Webflow has an incredibly robust visual editor but is still an exceptionally functional CMS.

Blogging Platform


I don't recommend using Medium as a standalone blog, but it does have some benefits as a place to repost and distribute your articles. It's also a good place to guest post, as there are many publications eager to get your authored post.


Starting at $19/month (billed annually), Ghost is a great platform for adding on a blogging CMS to your existing website.

Website Analytics


Fathom is a privacy-focused analytics solution. It's super simple, affordable, and easy on the eyes.


Segment is an amazing solution to help ensure data consistency between all your tools. Segment is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes your customer data to hundreds of tools with the flick of a switch. Segment takes care of the messy analytics installation process for you, so you can spend more time using your data and less time tracking it down. Segment starts for free and tiers up very affordably.


Heap is the best alternative to Google Analytics when you can afford it. Heap is especially good with conversion funnels, event tracking, and doing it all without having to be technical.



Namecheap is my go-to for purchasing and managing domains. It’s affordable and easy to use. But above all else, their customer service is what I count on.

Testing & Optimization

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is Google’s solution for A/B testing and personalization. The true progress here is how Google Optimize pairs with Google Analytics, and how easily we can tie our experiments to KPIs in Google Analytics.



Zapier is an integration connector that you can use to automate tasks or send data between tools. Zapier is like virtual duct tape. It integrates with nearly everything and you can easily get started to automate mundane or complex tasks.


Integromat is like Zapier on steroids. Not as many connections, but much more sophistication. Works exceptionally well with Webflow, too.

Email Marketing


I use it for all my projects these days because while everything is technically under one "list", you can use tags and custom fields to create segments and create lists inside your account. They really excel with their integrations, automations, and simplicity to send broadcasts.



Outseta offers all the software tools you need to launch and scale a SaaS start-up including subscription billing, CRM, and customer messaging tools. Super lightweight and affordable to get started.


Intercom is one of my favorite pieces of technology because of its connection between sales, marketing, and customer success. Intercom is a MUST have for your SaaS app, and is equally as valuable for marketing on your website.


Close is great for high-touch sales models that require many touchpoint and a system for staying productive. They've got great integrations, a generous Starter plan, and you can also easily enroll contacts into outreach sequences.


One of the older players but a great "all-in-one" solution that combines email marketing with CRM and chat.

Lead Enrichment


While pricy, Clearbit offers amazing prospecting, lead enrichment, and anonymous revealing products to help get the data you need on all your website visitors and leads. Reveal allows you to turn anonymous visitors into leads, Enrichment adds additional data to every contact, and Prospector allows you to discover qualified accounts.

Productivity & Collaboration


Slack is a no-brainer for team communication and collaboration. Seamless integrations (especially with G Suite products), super easy to use, and a great way to organize conversation. Slack starts for free and tiers up very affordably.


Loom is a great way to create screen-capture videos and recorded demos. Capture the highest quality screen recordings, adjust and revise your video using the easy-to-use editing interface, and create all sorts of videos for marketing.


Notion is my new favorite tool right now. They're essentially a digital workspace. It brings several tools together like notes, to-do lists, kan-ban boards, tables, and more. Notion is a must-have if you need a single place to work out of.



Demio is by far the easiest webinar marketing software on the market today. Demio is browser-based, which is a much more fluid experience for your potential customers and customers. Demio allows you to do one-time webinars, automated webinars, and even onboarding webinars.


CrowdCast is also another great webinar software out that that is still as easy to use as Demio, while having more features and functionality for paid webinars and more interactive experiences.

Social Media


For social media marketing, you really only need to do one thing easily: schedule posts in advance. Buffer makes this seamless. Buffer is extremely easy to use, gets the job done, and is affordable.



Transistor is a company co-founded by one of my role models, Justin Jackson, and they are creating a turn-key solution to starting and managing an amazing podcast.


The best way to record remote interviews. High quality recording, turn video on with no worries, and send links for scheduled recordings.



Grammarly is a great chrome extension that highlights grammar and spelling mistakes and gives you recommendations for how to improve on any website. Oh, and it's free. If you’re doing marketing, you need Grammarly. You’ll be surprised how many mistakes it catches.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway is a website where you can easily input your copy and get actionable insight into how to make it easier to understand and readable.



Hunter does one thing and it does it extraordinarily well: find someone’s email. It starts for free, and is completely worth it.


LinkMatch matches your CRM records to give you the social media profiles and interactions to do social selling.


The best calendar scheduling app out there to book meetings.



Ahrefs is the best SEO tool on the market. I'm a huge fan of the product and use it daily. It's much more SEO focused than it is SEM, and is a superior product for back-link analysis. The content analysis and keyword explorer are much more helpful than SEMrush or Moz in my opinion.


Hey Press

Finding relevant journalists for your content or your product launches is the hardest part of PR. Easily search keywords to find the best journalists to reach out to.


Howler is a simple “PR outreach as a service” product; a productized alternative to $5k/mo PR agencies that will rip you off, especially in the early stages.

Referral / Influencer


Rewardful is an easy way to manage affiliates and referrals. Launch your own affiliate and referral program in minutes with Stripe. Affordable and has a plan for every stage of business.



FOMO is a code snippet you place on your website that appears periodically to notify viewers of conversion activity on the page they’re viewing. Users will see how many people are viewing the page, who just signed up, and many other cool features. FOMO is a must-have for any website getting a decent amount of traffic.


Bonjoro helps you convert and retain more customers through personal video by connecting to your CRM and easily allowing you to send a personalized video to every person who signs up for your product. Bonjoro is one of my favorite new tools and is a must-have for every product.

Community Management


Circle is an all-in-one community management platform that allows you easily create and manage an online community. Circle provides a much better experience than Slack groups and has amazing features Slack can’t rival.

Analytics & Reporting


Baremetrics is the hub of all revenue and growth analytics. Get the insights you need to grow + foundational retention tools to maximize your growth rate. Recover delinquent customers, learn why customers cancel, and send sophisticated lifecycle emails.


Databox pulls all your data into one place, so you can track performance and discover insights in real-time. Databox integrates with all of your tools to create dashboards to easily visualize all your data.


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