Corey Haines
September 1, 2018

SaaS Marketing Podcasts

I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with podcasts. I can't get enough.

The TL;DR version if I could only recommend 3, would be Seeking Wisdom, Everyone Hates Marketers, and the Jocko Podcast.


Authenticity. Each one of these has taken a new angle on something and paired it with authentic host and conversation.

Seeking Wisdom is the “un-business” podcast. A business and marketing podcast focused on things other than business and marketing, and rather, the underlying truths and advice that make business and marketing great.

Everyone Hates Marketers is the passion project of Louis Grenier, a (relatively) young tech marketer who wanted to cut the crap out of marketing and thus helping shape a movement in the marketing world.

The Jocko Podcast is like digesting a book with every episode. This is the stuff that feeds your subconscious, gives you new perspective, and helps you focus on what’s important.

But without further ado, here's the most extensive (yet genuinely recommended) list of podcasts for SaaS marketers and founders that I could come up with.

Akimbo - Seth Godin

Akimbo is Seth Godin's latest genius outlet. Podcast episodes are similar to his blog. Short, sweet, and to the point. They always follow a singular theme and loop in many stories and perspectives. You can tell that every sentence has been carefully crafted and weaved into the episode.

The Art of Paid Traffic - Rick Mulready

Rick is my go-to resource for Facebook and Instagram ads. He's recently doubled down his efforts for his podcast and shares a ton of insight into new features, case studies, specific use cases, and actionable tips.

Bootstrapped Web - Brian Casel & Jordan Gal

Brian and Jordan share updates on their companies, what they're working on, and what's working for them. They have real, raw insight into SaaS and marketing. Listening to their podcast will make you feel like a friend.

Build & Launch - Justin Jackson

One of many of Justin Jackson's podcasts, this one focuses on early days of getting traction for your new startup. Justin is just as entertaining as he is helpful.

Build Your SaaS - Justin Jackson & Jon Buda

Justin's latest podcast, accompanied by Jon Buda, the co-founder of their new startup, Transistor. This podcast is devoted to giving listeners an inside scoop on their journey to building, launching, and marketing Transistor. It's rare you get such an honest peek into what it's like in the early days of a startup.

Building a StoryBrand - Donald Miller

Donald focuses on building a brand, and specifically helps with messaging. If you need help with brand, messaging, or positioning, this podcast is a must-listen.

Chasing Product - Christopher Hawkins

This podcast has a special place in my heart because Christopher Hawkins documents himself as he tries to move out of consulting and into building a SaaS business. He records everything that he's working on, brings on guests for advice, and shares everything that he learns. In the end, his SaaS isn't successful, but the story and insight is invaluable.

Content Love Podcast - Marijana Kay

If you're a content marketer, or trying to make content marketing work for your business, this podcast is for you. Marijana Kay brings on guests to reverse engineer how they've done content marketing and gives listeners actionable takeaways for their business.

The Copywriter Club Podcast - Kira Hug & Rob Marsh

Fitting for a copywriter podcast, Kira and Rob describe it as, "Ideas and habits worth stealing from top copywriters." How great is that? Kira and Rob bring on copywriters to reverse engineer their genius. Definitely a must-listen for copywriting.

The Diary of a CEO - Steven Bartlett

This is one of the most unique podcasts I've listened to. Steven is an incredible storyteller and records diary-esque monologues based on the notes of his journal. Steven is the CEO of Social Chain, a successful marketing agency based in Manchestor, England.

The Early Stage Founder: B2B SaaS Startups - Andy Baldacci

Andy hosts a great interview-style podcast focused on B2B SaaS founders and marketers looking to up their game. Episodes are very focused and are perfect for a commute into work.

Everyone Hates Marketers - Louis Grenier

This is one of my all-time favorite podcasts. Louis takes a unique approach, focusing on marketing that isn’t shady, aggressive, or manipulative. Louis has amazing guests that you might not find on any other podcast. He also asks hard questions, takes interesting angles, and challenges his guests to think outside the box.

Failory - Rich Clominson

Rich brings founders of failed startups to talk about what went wrong and what they learned from the experience. It’s a one of a kind podcast with a unique angle to help you avoid the same mistakes that his guests made.

#FlipMyFunnel Podcast - Sangram Vajre

Sangram brings tech founders, executives, and authors to talk about marketing and growth. Episodes are bite-sized, and offer perspectives outside of the traditional marketing realm.

Founder Chats - Josh Pigford

Founder Chats is Josh’s latest podcast where he brings other founders on to talk about their lives, businesses, and expertise. I love the conversational style and insight into founders lives outside of the office.

Founder Coffee - Jeroen Corthout

Jeroen of Salesflare brings founders on to talk about life, entrepreneurship, and hobbies. Similarly to Founder Chats, it’s very conversational and just as entertaining as it is educational.

Founder's Journey - Josh Pigford

Founder’s Journey is Josh’s original podcast for Baremetrics. Episodes are very concise and essay-style, focused on a particular topic or angle.

The Gently Mad - Adam Clark

Adam Clark has a way with people. He’s like the Tim Ferriss of marketing in the tech world. The Gently Mad features long-form, deep conversation with notable SaaS and tech figures.

Ground Up - John Bonini

John does a fantastic job of interviewing guests in the tech world. Ground Up features amazing guests and a great interview format to reveal their growth strategies and lessons learned along the way.

Growth Everywhere - Eric Siu

Eric Siu interviews entrepreneurs about how they grew their businesses. He focuses on actionable tips that listeners can take away. Eric features a lot of unique entrepreneurs and let’s his guests do most of the talking.

Growth Mapping Podcast - Sujan Patel

Sujan is a marketing legend in the space and has bite-sized episodes that give you plenty of inspiration for your next marketing opportunities.

The Growth Hub Podcast - Edward Ford

Edward features tech entrepreneurs and marketers from all over to talk growth. The Growth Hub has a load of great episodes to listen to on all things growth.

Growth Marketing Today - Ramli John

A podcast focused on growth, it features many unconventional titles and guests you might not hear anywhere else. Ramli is a great interviewer and they’re not afraid to get into the nitty-gritty.

How Hard Can It Be? - Mike Troiano

Mike is a VC in Boston and naturally interviews Boston tech entrepreneurs. Mike has a straight-forward, no messing around style that’s fun to listen to.

The Humans Strike Back - Louis Grenier & David Peralta

A podcast by Hotjar and co-hosted by Louis and David, it focuses on bringing out the humanity of business. Not necessarily a marketing podcast per se, but amazing content on ethics, being personal, and putting people first in business.

Indie Hackers - Courtland Allen

Indie Hackers is one of my all-time favorites. Somehow, Courtland has managed to interview over a hundred guests in a very short period of time. However, it doesn’t detract from the quality of the episodes. Each episode focuses an “indie hacker” and how they went from idea to execution.

Inside Intercom - The Intercom Team

I’m a big fan of Intercom and their content, so naturally, I gravitate to their podcast. Inside Intercom gives great perspective on all types of roles in SaaS and tech.

Jocko Podcast - Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink is just about the most badass man I know. Jocko brings fantastic guests from all walks of life to talk about personal and professional growth, leadership, and challenges. There’s really nothing else out there like it.

Kalzumeus - Patrick McKenzie

Although only 16 episodes ranging from 2012 to 2017, Patrick McKenzie is always worth your time.

Marketing School - Neil Patel, Eric Siu

Marketing School features very short, concise, and actionable marketing tips.

MegaMaker - Justin Jackson

Another of Justin’s podcasts, MegaMaker is all about building and marketing software and digital products. MegaMaker is probably the closest thing to Indie Hackers and features many great guests.

Mixergy - Andrew Warner

Mixergy was one of the first podcasts I ever listen to and has a special place in my heart. Andrew is one of the best interviewers I’ve heard and there’s a goldmine of information in his collection of over 1,500 episodes with entrepreneurs.

Noah Kagan Presents - Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan, serial entrepreneur of Sumo, Appsumo, Kingsumo, Briefcase, and more, interviews entrepreneurs, athletes, and other interesting guests. Noah does a great job of editing his episodes to be concise and jam-packed with great information.

OV | Build - Kyle Poyar

Kyle Poyar of Openview Partners interviews founders and operators in the SaaS space on a variety of topics. Great insights into the world of SaaS and challenges of running a venture-backed startup.

Product People - Justin Jackson

Yet another podcast by Justin Jackson, Product People features “great products and the people who make them.”

Saastr - Harry Stebbings & Jason Lemkin

Harry Stebbings is a fantastic host and puts together insightful interviews with founders and investors in the SaaS space. Saastr is guaranteed to teach you something about metrics or financials that you didn’t know before.

SaaS Breakthrough - David Abrams

David does a great job finding unique marketers and founders to bring on. I always love the rapid-fire questions at the end. SaaS Breakthrough is very actionable and his guests don’t hold back their wisdom.

The SaaS Content Marketing Show - Pawel Grabowski

Another great content marketing focused podcast, Pawel always manages to get a new perspective on a strategy or technique to help you with your content marketing.

The SaaS Growth Show - Peter Loving

Peter Loving is all about growth. And it shows. The aptly named SaaS Growth Show features growth experts and industry thought leaders. This was one of my first go-to’s for learning growth.

SaaS Insider - Shira Abel

Shira has a great niche SaaS podcast focused on many different areas of a SaaS business. There’s always a nugget of wisdom I take away from every episode and every interview is too easy to listen to.

SaaS Open Mic - Ed Shelley

Ed Shelley of Chartmogul always does a remarkable job no matter what content format he’s a part of. SaaS Open Mic is very conversational, but still highly actionable. Guests come in many different shapes and sizes of SaaS companies—and always helpful.

The SaaS Podcast - Omer Khan

The SaaS Podcast is another great interview-style podcast for SaaS geeks. Omer features many different guests, and there’s always something great I walk away with from each one.

Seeking Wisdom - Dave Gerhardt & David Cancel

My all-time favorite podcast. Dave and David never fail to reinvent the rules of the game. Unscripted, entertaining, deep, and challenging, Seeking Wisdom is a must-listen for everyone in tech.

Seth Godin's Startup School - Seth Godin

This one is an oldie but a goodie. In Seth-Godin-style, Seth will blow your mind and challenge you to think outside of the box. This is a great podcast to find inspiration, get back to the basics, or remind yourself to stick to the fundamentals of what makes every great startup.

Smart Passive Income - Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is the man. Seriously, the guy is as genuine as he is impressive. Pat is a phenomenal interviewer and has the influence to bring on amazing guests from all walks of life. Best of all, he’s super transparent and honest, making him the perfect source of great information for your business.

Stacking the Bricks - Amy Hoy & Alex Hillman

Amy and Alex are two of the realist entrepreneurs you’ll come across. They’re also the creators of multiple courses for entrepreneurs, including the famous 30x500 course.

Starting & Sustaining - Garrett Dimon

Garrett Dimon interviews other software creators about starting and sustaining their software businesses. Topics range from marketing to finance, user research, lifestyle, and more.

The Startup Chat - Steli Efti & Hiten Shah

Hiten and Steli are a great duo, both serial entrepreneurs and full of insight. They usually focus on a single topic and do debate-style conversation to pull out the actionable insights.

Startup School Radio - Aaron Harris

Y Combinator’s podcast for founders and investors. Although discontinued in 2016, there’s still a ton of great interviews and information that will never go out of date.

Startups For The Rest Of Us - Mike Tabor & Rob Walling

Similar to Startup Chat, Mike and Rob are a fantastic duo that covers a wide variety of subjects relevant to founders. What I love about it is the conversation style mixed with incredibly rich information.

Traction: How Startups Start - Rob Go

Traction is a very well-produced podcast by the VC NextView. There are amazing stories across industries of the early days of startups, ranging from LinkedIn, to Draftkings, to Chartbeat.

Zen Founder - Rob & Sherry Walling

Zen Founder is a diferent kind of podcast, but even more essential. This podcast will help you stay sane. Personal growth, networking, and professional advice on mental health.

If I'm missing any in here, please tweet at me or email me anytime.


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