Corey Haines
September 1, 2018

SaaS Conferences

Events continue to be, and always will be, an essential way to meet, connect with, and learn from people smarter than you. Nothing beats meeting and talking to someone in person.

Here's a list of events I curated for SaaS marketers.


SaaStr Annual is the largest B2B software conference in the world and we provide the technology community an unbiased look at what is happening the industry. SaaStr Annual attracts over 15,000 SaaS executives, founders, and VCs to the San Francisco Bay Area. With three full days of content sessions from 300 of the top speakers in SaaS, Annual is filled with actionable thought leadership to help grow your business from $0 to $100M ARR faster.


The world's biggest conference for the world's smallest self-funded software companies. Microconf has a Growth Edition who are currently making a full-time living from digital products as well as a Starter Edition for aspiring entrepreneurs who don't make a full-time living from digital products.

Growth Hackers Conference

The Growth Hackers Conference features leading growth marketing experts who share their insights and experience on what it takes to grow companies today. It is a full day of learning and networking with the top growth practitioners from around the globe.

Next Gen Summit

The Next Gen Summit is a premier global community and conference for young entrepreneurs. The 2017 Next Gen Summit welcomed 700+ attendees from 6 continents, 2 dozen investors backed by $4.2 billion in capital, 50+ speakers, 50+ mentors, founders of billion dollar brands and companies, NBA and NFL stars, Shark Tank alums, world-renowned fitness experts, underwater drone creators, and countless young entrepreneurs who are motivated to change the world.

Traffic & Conversion Summit

Traffic & Conversion Summit features thousands of marketers in San Diego, California to learn what's new, what's hot, and what's actually working right now in digital marketing.


SaaStock is a three-day global gathering of SaaS leaders in Dublin, Ireland featuring 3,000+ founders, executives, and investors. With 120+ sessions, learn actionable tactics and frameworks to take your business to the next level.


SaaSfest brings the smartest members of the SaaS community together in one room for a day for a rare, focused experience. Learn from world-class SaaS Executives, VPs and more who will share war stories, data, analysis and practical lessons learned. 2017 focused on retention, monetization, and acquisition.

The Yearly Carnage

The Yearly Carnage is a strategy-driven marketing conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Yearly Carnage "isn’t your average marketing conference" and is put on by, a full-service digital agency, thriving alongside clients in industries large and small.

#FlipMyFunnel Conference

#FlipMyFunnel is a B2B marketing and sales conference in Boston, Massachusetts. It features practical, no fluff sessions with 1,000 like-minded professionals who are right in the trenches with you.

Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World is a mega-conference for marketers in San Diego, CA. It features 120+ powerful and practical, action-oriented social media marketing training sessions from the world’s leading experts.

Content Marketing Academy Live

CMA Live is the UK's leading content marketing, social media, and business growth conference held in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Hypergrowth is a one-day, one-stage event organized by Drift that brings together leaders who have built brands, sparked movements, and found ways to unlock unprecedented growth. Following the success of last year’s inaugural conference in Boston, the company will introduce a West Coast edition in 2018.


MozCon is a three-day event where speakers share next-level advice on SEO, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, analytics, customer experience, social and content marketing, and more.


Hustle Con is a one-day startup event in Oakland, California where the world’s most successful non-technical founders tell their origin stories, teach the practical tactics they used to start and grow their startup, and Share behind the scenes insights on their wins and losses.


Inbound is the conference by HubSpot, held in Boston, Massachusetts. Inbound features four days of inspiring talks from political figures, professional athletes, and marketing thought-leaders.


Automated is the only 100% free, 100% virtual ecommerce marketing conference hosted by Drip and 17 genius speakers.

Life Time Value Conference

LTV Conf is Europe's leading annual SaaS conference held in London, England. LTV Conf brings like-minded SaaS entrepreneurs, private and public companies as well as active investors from all over the world into one space to collaborate and take away meaningful connections and ideas to drive future growth.

Business of Software

Business of Software is a conference for independent thinking people running successful software businesses, held in Boston, Massachusetts.

CXL Live

CXL Live is a must-attend growth marketing conference for mid to large enterprise growth and optimization professionals. This is an opportunity to learn from carefully vetted practitioners who do the absolute best work in their field.

If I'm missing any, let me know! Drop me a line or tweet at me anytime.


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